Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Style ?- What to wear to a resort?

1. A Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a must for a result. The look of a maxi dress is casual yet glam at the same time which makes it perfect to slip on and get started with a great day. I would recommend this as the dress that is worn the first day where you are just getting warmed up to the new environment. You cannot go wrong!

2. A Trench Dress

A trench dress is another casual look that can easily be glammed.The way Rihanna is rocking hers is more rocker chic, however this look can be toned down for day time activities with lighter sunglasses and minimal jewelery with flipflops. To transition into night time a nice strappy wedge would be great for a karaoke night or bar.

3. A loose top and denim shorts

The second day of the resort should be relaxed and this is the perfect look to wear to a spa or out to lunch. This is also a great look to wear over a bathing suit/bikini.

4. A Bandage Dress (in a pastel color)

Who said you cant get sexy on a resort? The key is wearing a fitted dress but in a more daytime or pastel color. This way you are sexy without looking like you are going to a serious cocktail event. Resorts are more relaxed and island like so this is a way to still rock a hot look but making it understated in a pastel color like Christina Milians lavender Herve Leger dress. This is perfect for dinner and a club with the boo or even a night out with your girls depending on who you go with.

5. A Top and a Puffy skirt with Wedges

What isn't resort like about Jennifer Hudsons look, it even looks like she is in a resort in this picture. This is defintely a third day resort look that can transition easily from day to night with absolutely no changes. If wedges hurt your feet, just carry flipflops or sandals.

6. A Floral Romper

The last day of the resort should be as casual and relaxed as possible but a true fashionista knows how to make casual, chic. A floral romper is a perfect way to do this. This is also a perfect plane outfit because it is comfortable and relaxed to carry luggage and run around in.

7. A Sexy One Piece

And last but not least a resort trip wouldn't be complete without frequent trips to the pool/beach. Therefore pack lots and lots of sexy bikini's but its ok to totally rock a hot one piece like Kim K's and totally stun the hell out of people. This may be a bit untraditional but hey if you are reading my blog then you are untraditional. Have fun!!!!